Looking for the best brains 

Looking for the best brains 

If you are tech-savvy, think beyond the boundaries, and will never settle for anything less than a revolutionary outcome, then apply for a position at Körber Digital.

The qualities we all have in common are openness, a strong spirit of innovation, a hands-on mentality and a passionate commitment to our work. We have consolidated our expertise in the areas of Design Thinking, UX, and Data Analysis so that we can create and promote digital products in their early phases — in many cases, together with our customers. At a later stage, when it’s a question of the concrete product development, Machine Connectivity, Big Data and the Cloud, our software experts take over the work. 

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Dr. Stefan Kusterer, CTO and Co-Managing Director

lYou need to have a good understanding of industrial production. Only then, you can develop any Industry 4.0 solutions that really create value.r

The digital advancement of the Körber Group — and our customer-facing activities in particular — will further support our ambition to gain market leadership through technology leadership. With you joining us, we will become our customers’ first choice for innovative, technologically leading-edge, and digital solutions. With you joining us, we can take a big step forward towards becoming a leading, customer-centric, and digitally focused Industrial IoT player. 

Which brain are you?

Let’s create the best ideas for our customers and be an essential part of their success. Today, Co-Creation is the name of the game: creating a better solution together. Applied Design Thinking, UX, and Data Science enable sustainable growth for our customers.


Let’s realize the best IIoT products to generate immediate customer value. Identifying major issues of Operators, challenging the product hypothesis, conducting constant iterations and sprints, creating a great UI, and building working prototypes — that’s our understanding of today’s fast product development.


Let’s develop the best applications using our huge expertise regarding IoT architectures, Cloud software, Kubernetes, Big Data, and Quality Assurance. Welcome, Software Engineers!


Let’s support the successful transition from an idea to a ready-to-use product. From Operations, Finance, and HR to Sales and Marketing, we’ve got the combined professional competence to keep Körber Digital up and running at high speed.


For us, it’s particularly important to take the perspective of manufacturing companies and mechanical engineers into account. How can they connect a wide variety of devices to a platform with little effort? How can they increase availability, communication, and transparency in production? How can maintenance problems be identified and solved more quickly? How can existing data be used to sustainably improve production forecasts and processes? Join us, and together we’ll find the right answers for our customers.

Feeding the Digital Innovation Process

Huge challenges lie ahead and we are looking for rule breakers to tackle them. Find out more about what we value and look for in detail and maybe you'll find an opportunity that's been waiting for you. 

Jens Delventhal, Vice President Product Management

lWe work in a structured yet flexible way – limiting any losses, and so deliver true added value to our customers.r

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